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    Description Price
1. Sold!!Glass Art: Glass Sculptures - Squat Green Frog
This handmade green glass frog sculpture is similar in design to the HGTV model. It seems to be a crowd pleaser. The glass frog sculpture is 2" tall by 4" wide.

Item No. glass-sculptures-017
2. Sold!! Glass Art: Glass Sculptures - Hawkbill Sea Turtle
This striking sculpture captures the physique of the sea turtle and is packed with incredible detail. Note the design on the back and the detail in the eyes. This would be a fantastic gift for any turtle lover.

Item No. glass-sculptures-004
3. Sold!!Glass Art: Glass Sculptures - Bluefish Coral Scene
John Long captures the essence of an ocean seascape with this beautiful elegant little sculpture. The sculpture is 5" in height. This is a one of kind piece of art.

Item No. glass-sculptures-007
4. Sold!! Glass Art: Glass Sculptures - Wall-hanging Gecko
This gorgeous piece of wall hanging art is a 7" glass gecko sculpture. The gecko's tail takes the form of a loop so that it may be hung on a wall. This original glass art piece was flameworked by John Long.

Item No. glass-sculptures-018
5. Glass Art: Glass Sculptures - Dancing Girl
This elegant figurine represents some of the most difficult work John Long does in his sculptural endeavors. A nice trophy for any collection. This kind of sculpture is both intimidating and inspirational to the artist. Look for more of these striking sculptures in the near future.

Item No. glass-sculptures-009
6. Sold!! Glass Art: Glass Sculptures - Male Atlantean Figure
This lampworked figurine is pulled straight from the artist's imagination. This is the beginning of an Atlantis Series of sculptural art by John Long. The height from the base to the top hand is roughly 9". Look for the official series to debut in 2005!

Item No. glass-sculptures-001
7. Glass Art: Glass Sculptures - Red Coral and Blue Fish
This is a lovely little aquatic scene. Put it on a shelf or put it in your fish tank and just look at it. This torchworked piece of art is a collaborative effort by John Long and Jennifer O'Connor. It is roughly 5" in height.

Item No. glass-sculptures-011
8. Sold!! Glass Art: Glass Sculptures - Inside Out Fish (Large)
This big fully detailed fish is just a pleasure to look at. It gets better and better as you look at it from every angle. The fish was made by John Long using the Italian method of lampworking. It is 3" tall by 5" long.

Item No. glass-sculptures-012
9. Sold!! Glass Art: Glass Sculptures - African Cichlid Sculpture
This lovely fish is inspired from the African cichlid. John Long handcrafted this fish and is somewhat partial to cichlids. The sculpture is between 4" and 5" in height.

Item No. glass-sculptures-013
10. Sold!! Glass Art: Glass Sculptures - Inside Out African Cichlid Sculpture
This fish is so beautiful it actually appears to be moving in water! John Long handcrafted this fish using the ancient Italian method of lampworking. It has murrini eyes and colored fins. Plenty of eye candy packed into this little fish which is about 3" in height and 3" in length.

Item No. glass-sculptures-014
11. Glass Art Lizard Sculpture
This whimsical Art Glass Reptile will look great running down your wall!! The Glass Lizard hangs by his tail, from a nail. It was created during a glassblowing demonstration at "The Living Desert, Wild Animal Park" in November of 2006. Approx. 7" long by 2.5" wide.

Item No. Glass-Art-Sculpture-033
12. SOLD!! Sorry. Glass Art Tarantula
Black & Orange Tarantula, painstakingly, hand-crafted by John Long. Note the eyes.......

Item No. Glass-Sculpture-031
13. Sold!! Series Closed. Glass Art Sea Turtles
Glass Art Sea Turtles. Unique.

Item No. mercury01
14. Sold!! Sea Turtle & Stingray swimming tandem..
This lovely Sea Turtle Sculpture is packed full of detail, and is quite fun to gaze upon. Ironically, I created this piece of art the same day all of the Crocodile Hunter headlines took place. The Body of the Turtle, before the fins, or the Stingray is approx. 3" in diameter, to give you a sense of scale.

Item No. glass-art-sculpture-032
15. Sold!!!Glass Art Sea Turtle
This beautiful sea turtle reflects the various hues of the ocean. Approx. 6" x 4". Handcrafted, one of a kind.

Item No. glass-sculpture-030
All prices in US Dollars

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