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All Glass Jewelry Items:
    Description Price
1. Glass Jewelry: Jen's Glass Bracelets
Due to the fact that different people have different wrist sizes bracelets cannot be received without first contacting the Artist. Send an e-mail to Jennifer at jensartwear@yahoo.com and she will explain the measurements she requires in order to make a custom bracelet for you. Design and color will be based upon pictures of bracelets the Artist has already shown you.

Item No. glass-bracelet-002
2. Glass Earrings- Amber hoops

Item No. glass earrings-203
3. Glass Earrings- Dark blue hoops

Item No. glass earrings-201
4. Glass Earrings- Light blue danglers

Item No. glass earrings-204
5. Glass Earrings- Light blue hoop earrings

Item No. glass earrings-202
6. Glass Pendant Hibiscus Flower

Item No. glass pendant-017
7. Glass Pendant- Blue and green swirl

Item No. glass pendant-207
8. Glass Pendant- Gold Fume Burst with White backing

Item No. glass pendant-019
9. Glass Pendant- Gold fume with blue backing

Item No. glass pendant-202
10. Glass Pendant- Gold fume with dark blue backing

Item No. glass pendant -201
11. Glass Pendant- Gold fume with light blue backing

Item No. glass pendant-203
12. Glass Pendant- Silver Fume Burst with Turquois Backing

Item No. glass pendant-018
13. Glass Pendant- Silver Fume and Blue Burst

Item No. glass pendant-025
14. Glass Pendant- Silver fume with bluish background

Item No. glass pendant-206
15. Glass Pendant- Silver fume with light blue backing

Item No. glass pendant-204
16. Glass Pendant- Silver fume with red backing

Item No. glass pendant-205
17. Glass Pendant- Small Black Rectangle with Blue Hues

Item No. glass pendant-021
18. Glass Pendant- Vagina Series, The Blues

Item No. glass pendant-023
19. Glass Pendant- Vagina series, Purple Haze.

Item No. glass pendant-024
20. Glass Starfish Cake Topper

Item No. Glass Starfish01
21. Glass pendant- Double Burst

Item No. glass pendant -016
22. glass pendant- 0range burst

Item No. glass-pendant-103
24. glass pendant- blue and green burst

Item No. glass-pendant-115
25. glass pendant- blue rose

Item No. glass-pendant-102
26. glass pendant- blue wave

Item No. glass-pendant-108
27. glass pendant- gold fume and black

Item No. glass-pendant-114
28. glass pendant- green and white burst

Item No. glass-pendant-106
29. glass pendant- green and yellow wave

Item No. glass-pendant-101
30. glass pendant- pink rose

Item No. glass-pendant-107
31. glass pendant- two blue burst

Item No. glass-pendant-104
32. glass pendant-fume burst

Item No. glass-pendant-109
All prices in US Dollars

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