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J and J Glassworks features the work of John Long, and Jennifer O'Connor.

Jennifer O'Connor is a young, thriving artist. She has a good sense of fashion and a natural talent for design. A local artist here in San Diego, she moved here from New York in 1998. Jennifer comes from an artistic family and has been immersed in art since her childhood. She discovered the art of glass blowing in 2000 and she has flourished ever since. She is an affiliated artist with Garry Cohen Studios, a member of the Art Glass Association of Southern California, and she was recently a featured artist for HGTV's new series called "Crafters Coast to Coast." Jennifer has always been inspired by the beauty of nature and is fascinated with the fluidity of glass.

Jennifer primarily works with borosilicate crystal, and manipulates her glass utilizing the ancient Italian method of lampworking. Jennifer has a passion for making glass jewelry and accessories. So naturally she specializes in glass bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and matching sets of all three. She also specializes in sculptures and small lampworked vessels.

John Long is well versed in two very different styles of Italian glassblowing. He does lampworking, which is also known as torchworking. This style of glassblowing involves a torch on a bench top, and the glass starts out at room temperature and is heated up to working temperatures in the flame of the torch. The other style of glassblowing that John Long does is called offhand glassblowing or furnacework. In this style of glassblowing the glass is gathered from a tank of molten glass (the furnace) on the end of a blowpipe or a puntil(pronounced punty) rod. Then it is manipulated by hand and gravity, and reheated in the gloryhole(a large round trashcan sized hole of fire exceeding 2300 degrees), until the piece is completed. John feels it is essential for his art that he embrace both styles of glassblowing, in order to be able to convey and express the ideas he has about glass art.

John was born in Brazil; he spent his youth in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is where he started blowing glass. John moved to San Diego in 1999 and has been involved in the Southern California glass scene ever since. He is an affiliated artist with Garry Cohen Studios and the Art Glass Association of Southern California. John was recently a featured artist on the HGTV networks "Crafters Coast to Coast." John possesses a natural knack for design, a passion for working with hot glass, and an obsession with form and function. These qualities are evident in his glass art.

J and J Glassworks is proud to showcase the work of these two up and coming artists. This web site will carry their artistic experiments, their refined products, and their limited series, as well.


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