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    Description Price
1.   SOLD Lil' Blue Frog on Lily Pad
This gorgeous little frog is about an inch and a 1/2 tall. Sure to be a hit with any frog lover. Buy it now. This one has been sold. Another may be made to order.

Item No. glass-sculptures-005
2.   SOLD! Functional Glass Art: Glass Wine Stopper with Green Frog
This functional glass wine stopper art piece is perfect gift for any frog lover that drinks wine. The glass frog wine stopper is roughly 4" long and 1" wide. This fine piece of glass artwork was torchworked by John Long.

Item No. glass-sculptures-019
3.   SOLD! Functional Glass Art: Squat Black Dichroic Glass Paperweight
This is a sleek sharp functional piece of art by John Long. Note the flat lense that accents the dichroic glass in an intriguing manner. This paperweight is 3" in diameter and 2" tall. This paperweight has sold. Another one can be made to order. Please call or email if placing order within two weeks of Christmas.

Item No. glass-art-paperweights-003
4.   SOLD! Glass Art Sculpture: Fish with Inside Out Sea Anemones
This gorgeous glass art sculpture is sure to provide hours of entertainment. The wine glass features the Italian Encalmo technique. There is a myriad of detail packed into a nice little aquatic scene. This torchworked piece of art by John Long is roughly 13" in height and is 5" wide at the fish. This glass art piece has been sold. Another cannot be replicated. Look for a series of unique sculptural goblets in the future.

Item No. glass-sculptures-010
5.   SOLD! Glass Art: Glass Sculptures - African Cichlid Sculpture
This gorgeous little fish would make an excellent window piece or a nice addition to any aquarium. It was torchworked by John Long. Having owned cichlids in the past the artist is very partial to them. This sculpture is roughly 4" in height. This fish has been sold. Another can be made to order. Call or email if placing an order within two weeks of Christmas.

Item No. glass-sculptures-015
6.   SOLD! Glass Art: Glass Sculptures - Clownfish Coral
This oceanic sculpture is chock full of eye candy. The art speaks for itself. Look no further: Nemo is found! The piece is roughly 6" in height and 6" in width. The piece pictured has been sold and cannot be duplicated. Look for new clownfish designs in the future.

Item No. glass-sculptures-008
7.   SOLD! Glass Art: Glass Sculptures - HGTV Frog (As Seen On TV)
This frog was designed for the HGTV series "Crafters Coast to Coast." The show aired on Nov.15th where the frog was made from scratch. The frog is 3" in height and 2 and 1/2" wide. The frog pictured has been sold. A similar frog can be made to order.

Item No. glass-sculptures-002
8.   SOLD! Glass Art: Glass Sculptures - Little Turtle
This turtle is about 3/4" in height. It is a tiny sculpture full of character. The turtle pictured has been sold. Another may be made to order.

Item No. glass-sculptures-006
9.   SOLD! Glass Art: Handcrafted Glass Marble - Dichroic Glass Spinner & Stand
This swirl-style glass pendant is a combination of many different colors and goes with just about any outfit. Comes on a black cord included in price if you want it on a sterling silver chain please click on item silver-chain-001.

Item No. glass-art-marbles-001
10.   SOLD! Glass Art: Handcrafted Glass Marble - Little Sea Urchin
This little marble gives you a lot to look at in a little bit of glass. The marble is 3/4" in diameter and comes with a matching stand. Inside the marble is a gorgeous bit of oceanic scenery and the outside has a beautiful coldsticking pattern. This piece has been sold. Similar pieces are in stock. Call or email if placing an order within two weeks of Christmas.

Item No. glass-art-marbles-006
11.   SOLD! Glass Candle Stands: Matching Pair
This lovely set of candle stands has the character that can only be achieved by handcrafting glass. Light and delicate they are a beautiful addition to any mantle or dinner table. This is a borosilicate torchworked creation by John Long. It is 3" tall by 2" in diameter.

Item No. glass-candle-001
12.   SOLD! Glass Perfume Bottles: Borosilicate Crystal Vessel
This perfume vessel was handblown by John Long using the ancient Italian method of lampworking. It was made out of borosilicate crystal. The colors are achieved through the use of precious metals gold and silver. They are sprayed onto the piece at temperatures exceeding 1500 degrees. This vessel is a little over 4" in height.

Item No. glass-perfume-003
13.   SOLD! Glass Vases: Blue Amphora (Hand Blown)
This blue amphora vase is a light, finely blown piece of glass art by John Long. Shaped in the traditional Grecian amphoric form. It would be a lovely highlight to any mantle or window. This vase was an art glass demonstration at Garry Cohen Studios. It stands between 9" and 10" in height.

Item No. glass-vases-042
14.   SOLD! Glass Vases: Iris Red Flattened Vessel
This is a light, finely blown piece of glass artwork. This unique iris red flattened glass vase was part of an art demonstration at Garry Cohen Studios. The vase stands roughly 10" tall. Look for several matching color designs in other shapes on this site.

Item No. glass-vases-041
15.   SOLD! Glass Vases: White Lollipop
This white lollipop vase is a gorgeous hand blown vessel by John Long. This piece of glass art measures roughly 10" tall.

Item No. glass-vases-039

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