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Browse Our Handcrafted Glass Pendants on Black Chords.
    Description Price
1.   Glass Pendant- Blue and green swirl

Item No. glass pendant-207
2.   Glass Pendant- Gold Fume Burst with White backing

Item No. glass pendant-019
3.   Glass Pendant- Gold fume with blue backing

Item No. glass pendant-202
4.   Glass Pendant- Gold fume with dark blue backing

Item No. glass pendant -201
5.   Glass Pendant- Gold fume with light blue backing

Item No. glass pendant-203
6.   Glass Pendant- Silver Fume Burst with Turquois Backing

Item No. glass pendant-018
7.   Glass Pendant- Silver Fume and Blue Burst

Item No. glass pendant-025
8.   Glass Pendant- Silver fume with bluish background

Item No. glass pendant-206
9.   Glass Pendant- Silver fume with light blue backing

Item No. glass pendant-204
10.   Glass Pendant- Silver fume with red backing

Item No. glass pendant-205
11.   Glass Pendant- Small Black Rectangle with Blue Hues

Item No. glass pendant-021
12.   Glass Pendant- Vagina Series, The Blues

Item No. glass pendant-023
13.   Glass Pendant- Vagina series, Purple Haze.

Item No. glass pendant-024
14.   Glass pendant- Double Burst

Item No. glass pendant -016
15.   glass pendant- 0range burst

Item No. glass-pendant-103
16.   glass pendant- Starfish

Item No. glass-pendant-111
17.   glass pendant- blue and green burst

Item No. glass-pendant-115
18.   glass pendant- blue rose

Item No. glass-pendant-102
19.   glass pendant- blue wave

Item No. glass-pendant-108
20.   glass pendant- bluish burst

Item No. glass-pendant-110
21.   glass pendant- gold fume and black

Item No. glass-pendant-114
22.   glass pendant- green and white burst

Item No. glass-pendant-106
23.   glass pendant- green and yellow wave

Item No. glass-pendant-101
24.   glass pendant- pink rose

Item No. glass-pendant-107
25.   glass pendant- two blue burst

Item No. glass-pendant-104
26.   glass pendant-fume burst

Item No. glass-pendant-109
All prices in US Dollars

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