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1.   Glass Vases: Large Beige Amphora
This is a large beige amphora is a beautiful piece of glass art. The form is aesthetically pleasing and the colors both beautiful and subtle. This blown glass vase, handcrafted by John Long, is just over 12" in height and is 6" inches in diameter at the waist.

Item No. glass-vases-030
2.   Glass Vases: Large White Amphora
This white amphora vase is a striking piece of glass artwork and measures 11" in height and 7" in diameter. As an artist John Long is obsessed with the perfection of shape and form. This is a classic shape with a beautiful design. This large, hand blown glass vase would be a nice addition to any collection.

Item No. glass-vases-009
3.   Glass Vases: Large White Flared Cylinder
This large, elegant white-flared vase was handcrafted by John Long measures 11" tall and 7" in diameter at the top. This gorgeous piece of art speaks for itself.

Item No. glass-vases-021
4.   Glass Vases: Red and White Flared Cylinder
This beautiful cylindrical, red and white flared glass vase is absolutely striking. This glass vessel is the perfect centerpiece to anyone's feng-shui. Handcrafted by John Long, this glass vaset measuress 11" tall and 7" in diameter at the top.

Item No. glass-vases-023
5.   Glass Vases:Green Grains of Sand Cylinder
Cylindrical, green glass vase is a finely, hand blown piece of glass art by John Long. Both light and symetrical, this glass vessel would look good in any home. The vase stands between 10" and 11" in height.

Item No. glass-vases-040
6.   Sold!! Glass Vases: Blue Cylinder with an Optic Wrap
This gorgeous, cylindrical blue "optic-wrap" glass vase was handcrafted during an art demonstration at Gary Cohen Studios. The glass vessel is white and cobalt blue, with an optical wrap all the way around it. The glass vessel stands about 11" tall.

Item No. glass-vases-043
7.   Sold!! Glass Vases: Large Double-footed Cone
This beautiful large double-footed cone vase handcrafted by John Long is a real collector's item. The glass vase measures 15" in height and 8" in diameter at the top. This yellow and red glass vase can easily hold a large bouquet of flowers or it can stand on its own without flowers as a piece of glass art.

Item No. glass-vases-020
8.   Sold!!!Glass Vases: Translucent Green Lollipop
This gorgeous translucent green lollipop glass vase would be a beautiful addition to any shelf or a window sill with sunlight behind it. The piece of glass art was handcrafted by John Logn and meaures roughly 11" tall and 6" by 3" wide.

Item No. glass-vases-018
9.   Sold!!Glass Vases: Handblown Amphora
This handblown glass amphora by John Long was made using the traditional Italian technique called offhand (also known as furnacework). It has an amber base color with flecks of purple and red. The translucent quality of this glass makes it a phenomenal window art piece. The glass vessel is roughly 10" tall and 6" in diameter.

Item No. glass-vases-002
10.   Sold!!Glass Vases: Orange and White Lollipop
This handblown, orange and white lollipop glass vase, handblown by John Long measures 10" tall.

Item No. glass-vases-035
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